September 9-11, 2015      
WESTERN USERS OF SAS SOFTWARE                                                                       


WUSS 2015
Educational Forum and Conference

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Best Contributed Paper Winners

Analytics & Statistics

 Will Garner
Constructing Confidence Intervals
for a Single Binomial Proportion in SAS

Applications Development

Thomas Billings
Enhancing the Portability and Reusability
of SAS® Enterprise Guide® Projects

Coders’ Corner

Amarnath Vijayarangan
3N Validation to Validate Proc Compare Output

Data Management/Data Science

Brian Bahmanyar
Leveraging APIs in SAS to Create
Interactive Visualizations

Data Presentation and Reporting

Isaiah Lankham
SAS Graphing Done Right:
Two Good Alternatives to GPLOT


Anthony Liu
SAS at Los Angeles County Assessor's Office

Industry Focused

Janette Garner
Exposure-Response Plots Using SAS




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