Advanced DATA Step Programming Techniques

Advanced DATA Step Programming Techniques

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Josh Horstman is an independent statistical programmer based in Indianapolis with 20 years’ experience using SAS in the life sciences industry. He specializes in analyzing clinical trial data, and his clients have included major pharmaceutical corporations, biotech companies, and research organizations. A SAS Certified Advanced Programmer, Josh loves coding and is a frequent presenter at SAS Global Forum and various regional and local SAS users’ group. Josh holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science, and a master’s degree in statistics from Colorado State University.

To solve complex coding problems with the SAS® DATA step, one must go beyond a basic understanding of the individual statements. You need to understand how the various statements interact with each other and how their options can be leveraged to build DATA step code that provides innovative solutions to the toughest of problems. Based on Art Carpenter’s book, Carpenter’s Guide to Innovative SAS® Techniques, this class is a must for the DATA step programmer who wants to take his or her programs to the ‘next’ level.

Topics include working across multiple observations using look-ahead and Look-back techniques, employing the DOW loop, taking advantage of double SET statements, working with hash objects, performing table lookups, using arrays to transpose data from columns to rows and back again, evaluating complex expressions, applying data set options, adopting new DATA step functions (and old function with new options), and more.

This course is designed to be taken by a student who has a basic understanding of the DATA step and its primary statements. The material will focus on advanced topics that will give the student a deeper understanding of the operation of the DATA step. Through examples, students will be exposed to innovative techniques for solving difficult programming problems.