Be a Presenter at WUSS 2024

WUSS is actively soliciting content from YOU! The best way to attend and experience a programming and data analytics educational conference is to be part of it—by sharing methods, ideas, best practices, and even obstacles with fellow attendees. By authoring content, through presentations and white papers, you join the ranks of the hundreds of authors who have come before you, each of whom has incrementally advanced and improved our respective industries and collective technical knowledge.

This year, the hands-down preeminent educational conference that commingles SAS users and open-source users alike is being held September 4 to 6 in Sacramento, California.

This page introduces several aspects of presenting at WUSS, and includes some of the first decisions you’ll need to make—such as what to talk about (presentation content), whether to write an accompanying paper (presentation track), and in what form to convey the information (presentation format). If you’re already familiar with WUSS (or may have presented previously), we still encourage you to view the following sections (and linked pages), as we’ve made quite a few changes in 2024. We’re excited about them, and hope you are, too!

But if you’d prefer to skip the line, and you’re already amped about presenting this year, please navigate directly to the WUSS 2024 Submission Guidelines webpage, which instructs how to submit your proposal, and is your portal to the WUSS 2024 Submission System.


Don’t miss out! WUSS Call for Content closes MAY 31. Yes, this submission period is shorter than in past years, but the brevity is necessary, in part, because WUSS 2024 falls only ten months after WUSS 2023.

With this early deadline in mind, please spread the word to your friends, colleagues, mentors, and mentees to submit proposals EARLY for inclusion in WUSS 2024.

And if you’re not already subscribed, please visit the WUSS signup page to be placed on our email roster! This is the best way to stay updated on conference announcements, deadlines, and training and other opportunities. You can also follow WUSS through various social media apps.

Presenting at the Conference

All presenters, including authors and coauthors (if applicable), are required to attend the entire WUSS 2024 conference in person, as your presentation will be scheduled sometime between SEP 4 at noon and SEP 6 at noon. And with such a phenomenal lineup, including world-class instruction, interactive learning, live demos, best-in-class cuisine, evening social mixers, and a heated saltwater pool, why would you want to miss out on even a single minute?!

The in-person venue facilitates interaction and collaboration—whether fostering new friendships, encouraging intellectual curiosity and discussion, or providing employment opportunities. As a presenter, you’ll have ample opportunity to share your knowledge with other attendees, even outside of your scheduled talk, and to meet and greet other presenters of the roughly 120 sessions that WUSS will be hosting.

And if you’re intimidated by the thought of presenting alone, or would prefer to share the responsibility and workload, WUSS accepts and encourages coauthored proposals, so grab a friend or coworker (or both), and start solidifying your ideas today! In fact, some of the best content we have seen over the years has been delivered when great minds have come together to collaborate.

At the conference, WUSS provides the following in each classroom:

  • a conference laptop with an HDMI cable that is preloaded with your slide presentation.
  • a projector and a screen that accommodates widescreen (16:9) display format.
  • a wireless laser pointer / slide advancer so you can walk around the classroom while still interacting with your slide presentation.
  • a microphone.
  • a volunteer facilitator who introduces you and monitors your presentation (by discreetly showing “time remaining” cards).

That is, once you’ve been accepted, and have submitted your final presentation (and optionally submitted your final paper), the hard part is done, and you can show up to the conference relaxed, confident that we’ve got your back and that all logistics are covered!

Presentation Content

“SAS” may be right there in the name—Western Users of SAS Software—but it isn’t the only game in town. Yes, most content presented at WUSS does showcase SAS software, SAS programming (e.g., Base SAS, the SAS macro language), SAS environments (e.g., SAS Viya, SAS Display Manager, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio), and SAS interoperability with other platforms and languages. However, open-source content is increasingly featured in the conference proceedings. In other words, we want your SAS—but we also want your Python, R, and other open-source data analytics content!

If you’re curious about presenting at WUSS, or concerned that your content might not be a “good fit,” we encourage you to explore past conference proceedings, which are maintained on the Lex Jansen website.

The Presentation Content webpage displays more granular information about past WUSS content, including a word cloud (content analysis) of the nearly 200 papers presented at WUSS 2022 and 2023. This webpage also displays the list of content keywords that authors are required to apply to proposals during the submission process.

Presentation Tracks (Paper vs. Paperless)

WUSS offers two presentation “tracks”—paper and paperless. This flexibility aims to accommodate presenters who love to write, as well as those who steadfastly want to present, but who are not interested in writing a multi-page white paper. Of course, WUSS still welcomes and encourages your papers, and to show our gratitude, we’re offering our greatest registration discount ever to paper authors in 2024!

“Paper” presentations require the presenter to submit an accompanying white paper, which is published as part of the conference proceedings, akin to the papers historically archived on the Lex Jansen website. Paper presentations:

  • can be submitted (as a proposal) as early as APR 8.
  • have a deadline for proposal submission of MAY 31.
  • confer a 30% registration discount (a savings of more than $200!) to the first author only (when registering by the “early bird” registration deadline).

“Paperless” presentations require the presenter to submit an accompanying PDF slide presentation, which is also published as part of the conference proceedings. Paperless presentations:

  • can be submitted (as a proposal) as early as APR 8.
  • have a deadline for proposal submission of MAY 31.
  • confer a 15% registration discount (a savings of more than $100!) to the first author only (when registering by the “early bird” registration deadline).

Please note that all deadlines are final and non-negotiable, and that failure to meet any deadline may result in your presentation being excluded or removed from the conference proceedings.

The Presentation Tracks webpage describes the paper-vs.-paperless distinction in more detail, and should be consulted before submitting your proposal.

Presentation Formats

WUSS offers an array of presentation formats to accommodate speakers, attendees, and the diverse content being presented. This flexibility aims to ensure that presenters enjoy presenting, are comfortable presenting, and are able to convey their knowledge effectively.

Presentation formats include:

  • lecture, in which the presenter speaks to a classroom for 20 or 50 minutes.
  • hands-on workshop (HOW), in which the presenter runs software examples live for 45 or 75 minutes while attendees interactively run the same examples on their laptops.
  • demo, in which the presenter runs a live demonstration for 20 or 50 minutes for an intimate audience of no more than 20 attendees.
  • SAS-quatschen (i.e., SAS “chatting”), in which the presenter facilitates a roundtable discussion for 20 minutes for an intimate audience of no more than 20 attendees.

Approximately 60% of WUSS content is presented in lecture format, and the vast majority of these sessions are 20-minute lectures. To a lesser extent, approximately 20% of WUSS content is presented as a HOW, and most of these hands-on sessions are by invitation only. The remaining 20% of content comprises more intimate discussions and live demos.

As part of your proposal, you are required to select your first and second choices for presentation format (including length in minutes), and although WUSS aims to accommodate your choices, we cannot guarantee that one of them will be selected. If your proposal is selected, the acceptance email will state the accepted presentation format and length.

The Presentation Formats webpage describes these formats in more detail, and should be viewed prior to submitting your proposal.