WUSS Code of Conduct

Western Users of SAS Software is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, language, religion, or politics.

We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form including but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate verbal comments (e.g. obscene comments, jokes or gestures that humiliate or offend someone)
  • Invading another person’s personal space (e.g. inappropriate touching)
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Sustained disruption of talks or events
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Pursuing or flirting with another person persistently without the other person’s willing participation and consent
  • Hostile or threatening behavior
  • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior

We expect participants to follow these rules at all event venues, digital platforms, and event-related social activities. If a participant violates these rules, event organizers retain the right to take any actions in order to ensure the event is a welcoming environment for all participants. This includes warning the offender or expulsion from the event without a refund.

If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible to any event staff member, including event staff at the registration desk, or at the following email address: report@wuss.org.

Our team will be happy to help you contact event venue security, local law enforcement, or otherwise assist you to feel safe for the duration of the event.