WUSS 2023 Presenter Mentoring Program

The annual WUSS Educational Forum and Conference brings together hundreds of SAS® users from the WUSS region and beyond for education, training, networking, and professional development opportunities. To further these goals, WUSS has long offered a free mentorship program, inviting anyone to sign up to be a mentor, and encouraging anyone to request a mentor to assist them with submitting and presenting a paper.

Reasons for Working with a Mentor at WUSS 2023

  • You would like help fleshing out your ideas
  • You are struggling to put your ideas into writing
  • You may be a bit nervous about speaking to an audience
  • You would benefit from one-on-one coaching to help you develop/review your abstract, paper, slides, e-poster, and/or final presentation

Reasons for Being a Mentor at WUSS 2023

  • Being a mentor is extremely rewarding: Your mentee’s success is your success!
  • You would like to share your knowledge on a particular topic, or just share your experience in crafting a presentation from soup to nuts
  • You would like to help folks newer to the WUSS community have the best conference experience possible
  • You can learn as much from your mentees as they learn from you, or more!

How to request a mentor or get involved as a mentor

To request a mentor, please complete this Google form: Request a Mentor

You will have a chance to detail what kind of assistance you would like to receive. You will be assigned a mentor who is skilled in the type of assistance required, and that mentor will contact you via the email address you provide. Thank your for trusting WUSS to help you have a great conference experience!

To sign up to be a mentor, please complete this Google form: Be a Mentor

You will have the opportunity to let us know what type of assistance you can provide, and how many mentees you can accommodate. You will be assigned mentees based on the information you provide. We very much appreciate your willingness to help everyone at the conference have a great learning experience, including you!