Open Source Integration Coordinator

Open WUSS Executive Committee Position

Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) Executive Committee (EC) is seeking  applications for the position of Open Source Integration Coordinator.  This position is appointed by current EC members, based on applications from WUSS attendees. The three-year term begins immediately and ends at the conclusion of WUSS 2022. Attendance is expected at all EC meetings beginning in Winter 2020 and on all conference calls.

Members of the WUSS Executive Committee:

    • must have worked previously in support of an in-house, local, regional, national or special-interest SAS users’ group (e.g., presenting papers, organizing meetings, planning a conference).
    • must be able to attend WUSS EC meetings which are held
      • in person after the WUSS conference and during two weekends each year (generally late January/early February and late May/early June)
      • via conference call at agreed upon times
      • via e-mail.

Position Description:

The Open Source Integration Coordinator collaborates with other EC members to recruit increased involvement of content, sponsorship, and attendance at the WUSS Educational Forum and Conference, related to the open source tools that integrate with SAS (R, Python, etc.). The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills, effective organization and management skills, creativity, and leadership skills.  Residency or principal place of work in the WUSS region is preferred.

Duties include:

    • Oversee a committee to collaborate in recruiting open source integration-related content and sponsorship acquisition.
    • Brainstorm ways to increase and improve the presence of open source  integration-related content and sponsors at the WUSS Educational Forum and Conference.
    • Collaborate with the Academic Program Chair on recruitment of open source integration-related content.
    • Collaborate with the Sponsor and Exhibitor Coordinator on recruitment of open source integration-related sponsors and exhibitors.
    • Create and maintain a contact list of experts, thought leaders, user groups and other organizations in the open source communities. Assist the EC in developing relationships with the goals of cross-promotion and collaboration.
    • Regularly report to the EC on progress.

To apply, submit:

    • a brief description of your professional and user group experience
    • a brief description of your experience with analytics using open source software and your connections with open source communities (if any)
    • an explanation of why you will make a good EC member; what you will contribute to WUSS EC
    • your goals for WUSS
    • why you should be selected as WUSS Open Source Integration Coordinator

Submit application or nomination by COB November 15, 2019, to Tasha Chapman, WUSS EC President, The WUSS EC will evaluate submissions based on the above criteria and make a decision around December 15, 2019.

Download a copy of the Open Source Integration Coordinator position announcement. (PDF)