WUSS 2023 SAS Presentations

WUSS 2023 is pleased to welcome a large contingent of staff from SAS Institute to the conference. They’ll be presenting throughout the conference and will also be available in Resource Central. They’re eager to answer your questions and gather feedback from SAS users. Below are the SAS staff who will be featured at this year’s conference!

SAS Presenters at WUSS 2023

Matt Becker

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
Visualizing Insights, Empowering Discoveries: SAS Viya Unleashed in Life Science Analytics

Matt Becker is an Advisory Industry Consultant with the SAS Health and Life Science division. Matt’s more than 30 years of life science experience includes over 8 years with SAS concentrating on next generation clinical trials, data management, analysis, advanced analytics, and deployment options in Life Science.

As a leader for developing technology solutions to life science initiatives, Becker addresses the challenges that life science companies are having around the analytics lifecycle. The challenges result from new infrastructures that provide more data points than ever before, content management, compliance, collaboration, and analytics. He evaluates existing infrastructures and best practices to provide a road map for the future of life science efficiencies.

Recent achievements include solutions in data flow from input to insight to deployment, a visual real-time microbiology antibiogram and an analytics workbench using containers for deployment. Matt’s focus is on finding solutions to change lives via technology, analytics, and science.

James Berry

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
Legacy SAS and evolving perceptions of SAS Viya
AI – Hype or Hope? 


James Berry is a Senior Account Executive for SAS Canada Supporting the Financial Services Sector. James’s role is to facilitate solutions delivery between the Financial Services Customers, SAS and the partner network. Before joining SAS, James held senior leadership roles at Export Development Canada, TD Bank, Bank of America and MBNA Canada Bank.

James was the delivery executive responsible for implementing major regulatory projects such as; CARD Act., Dodd-Frank Compliance, Debt Collection Practice Changes, BASEL, IFRS 9, IFRS 17 and lead onsite & remote DEV/SEC/OPS teams from 50-500 People supporting the C-Suite (CIO/CFO/CRO) functions.

James is passionate about giving back to his community and volunteers with multiple local organizations including Ronald McDonald House, Ottawa Catholic School Board and both the Orleans Minor and Gloucester-Cumberland Girls Hockey Associations.

James is fluently bilingual (Eng/Fre), and has a basic knowledge of Spanish, so please feel free to interact with him in your preferred language.

Jim Box

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
Introduction to Machine Learning – Descriptions and Best Practices

Jim Box is a Principal Data Scientist in the Life Sciences Customer Advisory group, where he works with organizations to show them how to use SAS software to solve their business requirements. Prior to coming to SAS eight years ago, he spent 20 years in the clinical research industry, where he led teams of statisticians, SAS programmers, data managers and software developers.

Tom Grant

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
Data Wrangling and Descriptive Statistics

Tom Grant holds a Master of Science degree in operations research from Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to joining SAS in 2000, Tom worked in the accounting department of a national furniture retailer and developed statistical models to predict inventory losses. Tom was also manager of the Marketing Analytics Group for a retail clothing catalog company, in charge of building predictive response and life-time value models. Since joining SAS, Tom has worked as a consultant, assisting SAS customers with implementation of analytic projects in various industries, including banking, retail services, insurance, manufacturing, and web-site analysis. Tom also teaches Intro to Statistics at a small liberal arts college. Tom is currently a principal analytical training consultant in the SAS Global Academic Program, and he assists higher education institutions in the effective use of SAS.

Chris Hemedinger

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
How Do I Read and Write Excel Files Using SAS?
Tips and Tricks for Sending Emails Using SAS
How Do I Debug in SAS Data Step

Chris Hemedinger is the Director of SAS User Engagement. His talented team looks after SAS online communities, SAS user groups, developer experience and GitHub, tech newsletters, expert webinars and tutorials. Chris is a recovering software developer who helped build popular SAS products such as SAS Enterprise Guide. Inexplicably, Chris is still coasting on the limited fame he earned as an author of SAS For Dummies. You can follow Chris on Twitter as @cjdinger.

John LaBore

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
Tapping the Power of PRX Functions in SAS 9.4 and in SAS Viya
SAS Usage in the Life Sciences

Although he has an impressive academic portfolio with three graduate degrees including a doctorate, John LaBore’s credentials extend beyond the classroom. He achieved certification as a “Distinguished Toastmaster” from Toastmasters International and has received the prestigious “Silver Beaver” award for his dedication to Scouting as an adult volunteer.

A pivotal moment in John’s career unfolded unexpectedly. As a fledgling research assistant, a professor handed him a manual from a nascent software firm, tasking him to navigate the intricacies of a “dumb terminal” and crunch numbers on a recent study’s data. With a natural flair for mathematical reasoning, John swiftly mastered the software’s rudiments. In just a few years, he became a guiding light aiding countless graduate students and faculty in harnessing the software’s capabilities.

John’s prowess with that software from SAS Institute, spanning multiple operating systems, didn’t go unnoticed. Within a decade, he was invited to take on a pivotal role as the SAS Subject Matter Expert for Eli Lilly and Company. His outstanding contributions were recognized with the IT division’s highest accolade, the Global Sustained Impact Award.

An avid contributor to the SAS community, John has penned a plethora of SAS technical papers. He’s a familiar face at SAS user group conferences around the globe, where his insights have earned him multiple “best paper” distinctions. Now at SAS, John passionately aids Life Sciences clientele in optimizing the application of SAS software for their business endeavors.

Danny Modlin

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
Quick Start to Mixed Modeling
Getting Started with Bayesian Analysis
Missing Data and Proc MCMC

Danny Modlin is a Senior Analytical Training Consultant at SAS world headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. Since starting at SAS in 2011, Danny has taught and developed courses that span across many areas of statistics and SAS platforms, with a specialization in the application of Bayesian analyses. Danny received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Elon College (now Elon University), a Masters of Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and a Masters of Statistics from North Carolina State University.

Prior to his time at SAS, Danny was a mathematics, statistics, and computer science teacher at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels. Outside of SAS, Danny’s interests include local sports and meteorology.

Chevell Parker

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
Tales from a Tech Support Guy:  The Top Ten Most Impactful Reporting and Data Analytic Features for the SAS Programmer

Chevell is a Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer in the Programming Clients group within SAS Technical Support. His focus areas include the Output Delivery System, XML/JSON technologies, SAS Viya Jobs, and Open Source integration with SAS.

Charu Shankar

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
The SAS Viya ETL Playbook
Sandwich Your SAS Data Set to Excel Pivot Tables

SAS Senior Technical Trainer Charu Shankar teaches by engaging with logic, visuals and analogies to spark critical thinking. She interviews users to recommend the right SAS training.

Charu curates and teaches unique content in classrooms and with presentations at well over 100 international SAS user groups. She contributes to the SAS YouTube channel, SAS Global Forum, SAS Ask the Expert webinar series, Programmer Week, SAS Training Post Blog, and more. Charu’s areas of expertise include Base SAS programming, PROC SQL, SAS Viya, SAS efficiencies, SAS Enterprise Guide, and Tips & Tricks.

In her personal time, Charu is a Health & Life Coach, vegan chef and yoga instructor. She loves to explore Canadian natural trails with her rescue husky Miko.

Stephan Weigandt

WUSS 2023 Presentations:
How To Easily Ingest (Lots Of) External Data Into The SAS Ecosystem By Only Setting One Parameter – Welcome to Data Ingestion Auto Pilot (DIAP)
Indigestion from ingesting lots of data?  You need DIAP!

Stephan Weigandt has been immersed in the world of SAS software for more than 25 years, and for almost 8 years now, he’s been part of the SAS team. Throughout his career, one guiding principle has remained constant: if a task had to be done more than once, automation became the driving force behind his efforts.

Prior to joining SAS, his journey was marked by an impressive stint as a trusted SAS partner, making him a true veteran in the field.

Recognized as a seasoned expert and go-to source for complex analytical projects, Stephan specializes in untangling the intricacies of data management and process flow. Since 1996, he’s been on the cutting edge, crafting and implementing advanced analytic CRM frameworks and predictive environments to uncover meaningful patterns within vast datasets. His career has seen him wearing many hats, from initial design through implementation, project management work and even into presales activities, spanning various industries.

It’s worth noting that his project work has resulted in customer references, a testament to the tangible impact of his efforts.

While his earlier career focused on R&D, Stephan found great enjoyment in presales when he joined SAS. Today, he serves as a Principal Systems Architect in the Solution Factory department within the R&D division. His team’s mission is clear: modernize SAS’s solution offerings, making them more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for the client.

Beyond his professional life, Stephan enjoys a well-rounded balance. Traveling, surfing, and practicing yoga are his escapes, but he’s also deeply passionate about exploring consciousness and the deeper meaning of life.