WUSS 2024 Submission Guidelines

This webpage is your one-stop shop for submitting papers and presentations to the WUSS 2024 conference proceedings. Please bookmark this page as you may come here often to review and revise your proposals!

And if you’re NOT ready to submit a proposal yet, navigate to the Be a Presenter webpage, which introduces the WUSS conference, and provides details about presenting.

Choosing Your Presentation Track, Format, and Content

These are the most important decisions you will make, and WUSS has all the right tools to ensure you choose wisely!

WUSS requires all prospective authors to first specify the presentation track. Note that new in 2024, two presentation tracks are offered:

  • Paper presentations require an accompanying white paper that is published as part of the conference proceedings.
  • Paperless presentations DO NOT require an accompanying white paper, but DO require a slide presentation to be published as part of the conference proceedings.
  • Proposals have a submission deadline of MAY 31, and final presentations are due later (JUN 28).

When submitting your proposal (bottom of page), please ensure you select the correct track—paper or paperless.

Each paper proposal requires a draft white paper (PDF only) to be attached to the submission, and each paperless proposal requires a draft slide presentation (PDF, PPT, PPTX only) to be attached to the submission.

WUSS registration discounts are offered to the first author only of paper presentations (30% discount) and paperless presentations (15% discount) that are accepted into the WUSS conference proceedings. For more information about these two presentation tracks, and their respective discounts, deadlines, and other requirements, please visit the Presentation Tracks webpage.

If you have questions about the content and topics that WUSS is actively seeking, please view the Presentation Content page before submitting.

If you have questions about the presentation formats that WUSS is offering in 2024, please view the Presentation Formats page before submitting.

WUSS Submission System

WUSS utilizes the SoftConf START Conference Manager application for proposal submission, review, acceptance, and publication. All presenters are required to have and maintain a SoftConf account. SoftConf accounts are free and require an email address to register.

If you DO NOT HAVE a SoftConf account, create one here before proceeding.

If you FORGOT your SoftConf password, you can reset your credentials here.

Existing SoftConf Users are required to update your account here to add your biography and other mandatory information.

Finally, WUSS requests that each author submit no more than three submissions (including authored and coauthored submissions), so please put your best foot forward, and we look forward to reviewing and showcasing your incredible content!

Your Final Submission

On or before JUL 26, submit your final white paper and/or slide presentation. Both must be submitted in PDF format by clicking the following link to the SoftConf Submission System:

Download Templates

The following Microsoft Word template is recommended if submitting a white paper:

The following PowerPoint template is recommended when building your presentation:

The PowerPoint template includes two versions of each slide type—one with blue font and one with yellow font, so authors can select their preference. Slide types include the following:

    • Title Slide – This should be the first slide of your presentation.
    • Biography Slide – This should be the second slide of your presentation; your photo is optional.
    • Section Title Slide– This slide can optionally be included to introduce or segment sections.
    • Content Slide – This slide is a generic bulleted slide for displaying content.

Please note that you are encouraged, albeit not required, to use the WUSS slide presentation template. Some companies and organizations prefer to use corporate branding (in lieu of conference branding) on slides. Additionally, many authors who have given a presentation previously prefer to reuse and refurbish the original work rather than start from scratch. Regardless of what template you select, please ensure that your slide size is set to widescreen (16:9). Additionally, slides should not include any marketing material or otherwise convey an advertisement for any product.

White Paper Requirements

For those who have opted to submit a white paper, the final paper must be submitted (through the above SoftConf Submission System) no later than JUL 26 as a PDF file. Note that Microsoft Word and other non-PDF formats will NOT be accepted.

WUSS recommends that you download and use the preceding Microsoft Word template; the document must be saved as a PDF prior to submission.

Whether you use this template or not, you should adhere to the following style and formatting requirements—each of which will be validated by Section Chairs:

    • Your paper number (###) must appear at the top of the first page of your white paper (as “Paper ###-2024” for authors, or “SAS###-2024” for SAS employees), and must match the three-digit paper number maintained in the SoftConf Submission System.
    • The title of your white paper must exactly match the title as entered in the SoftConf Submission System.
    • The author(s) of your white paper (and the order in which they are listed) must exactly match the author(s) as entered in the SoftConf Submission System.
    • The abstract of your white paper should be a single paragraph that introduces and describes the content and intent of the publication. The white paper’s abstract can differ from the abstract maintained in SoftConf; the version of the abstract in SoftConf will propagate the Whova mobile app (available for all conference attendees), whereas the version of the abstract in the white paper will be saved for posterity on LexJansen.com. Thus, some authors use a single abstract for both purposes, whereas other authors write a simpler, more concise (or less formal) version for SoftConf and use a longer, more formal abstract in the white paper.
    • Page numbers must appear centered in the bottom of each page; page numbers can begin on either the first or second page of the white paper.
    • An “Introduction” heading (and section) is typically, albeit not always, used to introduce the white paper at a high-level.
    • A “Conclusion” heading (and section) is typically, albeit not always, used to close the white paper.
    • A “References” heading (and section) optionally enumerates the primary sources consulted in preparation of the white paper; it must be included where text or code is directly quoted or substantially adapted from other sources. Any primary citation style (i.e., APA, MLA, Chicago) can be utilized, but it must be done so consistently throughout the white paper.
    • A “Contact Information” heading (and section) is required and must include the 1) names of all authors 2) and email addresses of all authors. Additional contact information can optionally include the job title(s), employer(s), and/or social media link(s) for the author(s).
    • The following text should be included in the “Contact Information” section ONLY for SAS employees: “SAS and all other SAS Institute Inc. product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration.”
    • Additional style recommendations are included in the above Microsoft Word white paper template.

Saving and uploading your white paper

When saving the final PDF (whether in Microsoft Word or another application), you may optionally edit and save the following metadata fields: AUTHORS, TAGS, TITLE, SUBJECT. The metadata tags that ultimately will be displayed on LexJansen.com will be derived from the SoftConf Submission System (not the PDF file), so it is unnecessary to modify these PDF metadata in the document itself.

When saving the final PDF, if using Microsoft Word, ensure that ALL fonts are embedded in the PDF to ensure it renders correctly. To do this in Word, navigate to the “Save” page:

    • Select “More options…”
    • Select “Tools.”
    • Select “Save Options.”
    • Check the “Embed Fonts in the File” checkbox.”
    • Ensure the “Do Not Embed Common System Fonts” is NOT checked
    • Save the file as a Word documents (DOCX).
    • Save the file as a PDF.
    • Upload ONLY the PDF in the SoftConf Submission System.

Slide Presentation Requirements

For those who have opted for a paperless presentation, the final slide presentation must be submitted (through the above SoftConf Submission System) no later than JUL 26 as a PDF file. Note that PowerPoint and other non-PDF formats will NOT be accepted.

WUSS recommends that you download and use the preceding PowerPoint template; the document must be saved as a PDF prior to submission.

Whether you use this template or not, you should adhere to the following style and formatting requirements—each of which will be validated by Section Chairs:

    • The first slide should show your full title and the names of all authors. Other optional information can include your job title and/or organization. This slide placement is critical because each slide presentation will be displayed on the screen several minutes prior to the start of your talk; thus, as attendees are walking into the room, they are greeted by your title slide, which serves as a confirmation that they are in the correct room.
    • The second slide should display a biography that introduces all authors. Photos of authors can optionally be added, and descriptive information can range from the professional to the personal. For example, some authors share only their degrees or professional accomplishments, whereas others include their kids, pets, hobbies, etc.
    • For paperless submissions that are presented as a lecture, the PDF should be representative of the presentation given live at the conference. That is, the PDF serves as a record of the content presented when no white paper will be maintained for posterity.
    • In other cases, for paperless submissions that are presented as a demo, panel, or hands-on workshop (HOW), a PDF likely will not be able to capture the dynamic nature of the presentation; in these cases, a PDF is nevertheless required, but can be limited to only four slides/pages that include:
      1. a title slide/page that contains at least the presentation title and all authors
      2. a second slide/page that contains the biographies of all authors
      3. a third slide/page that contains the abstract and/or outline of the presentation
      4. a fourth slide/page that includes contact information for all authors.

Saving and uploading your slide presentation

Note that two versions (i.e., filetypes) of your slide presentation can be uploaded to the SoftConf Submission System, and they serve distinct purposes.

1. PDF filetype – This file must be uploaded to SoftConf on or before JUL 26 so that Section Chairs can provide timely feedback to authors if revisions are necessary; after the conference concludes, this PDF will be posted to LexJansen.com:

    • The PDF can be created in PowerPoint by selecting “Save As” and “PDF” filetype; however, the PDF does not need to originate in PowerPoint
    • This file is required for paperless submissions and is optional for paper submissions.

2. PPTX filetype – This file is used only for your live presentation, and if uploaded before the conference, must be uploaded to SoftConf on or before AUG 16:

    • This file is optional for both paper and paperless submissions.
    • If uploaded to SoftConf, the PPTX file will be preloaded on conference laptops prior to your presentation, and you can give your presentation using this file. This is the most convenient solution because you can effortlessly stroll into your presentation without needing to load any files or carry any equipment.
    • If you do NOT upload a PPTX file prior to AUG 16, you will need to bring one or both of the following to your session at the conference: 1) an external USB drive containing your presentation; 2) a laptop (with an HDMI port) containing your presentation.

Questions about Submissions

Authors should contact their designated Section Chairs for any questions throughout the submission process. Thank you again for your significant contributions to WUSS 2024!