WUSS 2024 Submission Guidelines

This webpage is your one-stop shop for submitting papers and presentations to the WUSS 2024 conference proceedings. Please bookmark this page as you may come here often to review and revise your proposals!

And if you’re NOT ready to submit a proposal yet, navigate to the Be a Presenter webpage, which introduces the WUSS conference, and provides details about presenting.

Choosing Your Presentation Track, Format, and Content

These are the most important decisions you will make, and WUSS has all the right tools to ensure you choose wisely!

WUSS requires all prospective authors to first specify the presentation track. Note that new in 2024, two presentation tracks are offered:

  • Paper presentations require an accompanying white paper that is published as part of the conference proceedings.
  • Paperless presentations DO NOT require an accompanying white paper, but DO require a slide presentation to be published as part of the conference proceedings.
  • Proposals have a submission deadline of MAY 31, and final presentations are due later (JUN 28).

When submitting your proposal (bottom of page), please ensure you select the correct track—paper or paperless.

Each paper proposal requires a draft white paper (PDF only) to be attached to the submission, and each paperless proposal requires a draft slide presentation (PDF, PPT, PPTX only) to be attached to the submission.

WUSS registration discounts are offered to the first author only of paper presentations (30% discount) and paperless presentations (15% discount) that are accepted into the WUSS conference proceedings. For more information about these two presentation tracks, and their respective discounts, deadlines, and other requirements, please visit the Presentation Tracks webpage.

If you have questions about the content and topics that WUSS is actively seeking, please view the Presentation Content page before submitting.

If you have questions about the presentation formats that WUSS is offering in 2024, please view the Presentation Formats page before submitting.

WUSS Submission System

WUSS utilizes the SoftConf START Conference Manager application for proposal submission, review, acceptance, and publication. All presenters are required to have and maintain a SoftConf account. SoftConf accounts are free and require an email address to register.

If you DO NOT HAVE a SoftConf account, create one here before proceeding.

If you FORGOT your SoftConf password, you can reset your credentials here.

Existing SoftConf Users are required to update your account here to add your biography and other mandatory information.

Finally, WUSS requests that each author submit no more than three submissions (including authored and coauthored submissions), so please put your best foot forward, and we look forward to reviewing and showcasing your incredible content!