Open WUSS Executive Committee Position

Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) Executive Committee (EC) is seeking applications for the position of Treasurer. This position is appointed by current EC members, based on applications from WUSS attendees. The three-year term began after the closing session of the WUSS 2023 Educational Forum and Conference. The outgoing treasurer is remaining in the position until a replacement is selected. There will be a period of shadowing the outgoing Treasurer during the Winter/Spring 2023/2024.

Members of the WUSS Executive Committee:

    • Participate in a volunteer capacity.
    • Have a knowledge of the organization and maintain a personal commitment to its goals and objectives (see more about WUSS at
    • Have an understanding of in-house, local, regional or national SAS users’ groups.
    • Attend all WUSS EC meetings which are held.
      • In person: immediately following the WUSS conference and in late winter/early spring (date to be determined).
      • Via conference calls and email, as needed for EC decision making.

Position Description:

The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) and works with the Finance Committee on financial matters associated with the WUSS organization. This includes keeping current and accurate finances in QuickBooks, annual budgeting, periodically assessing budget status, and keeping the rest of the EC informed in order to make financial decisions. Familiarity with generally accepted accounting principles and QuickBooks software is desirable. The Treasurer should have excellent organization and management skills, effective communication skills, creativity, and leadership skills. Residency or principal place of work in the WUSS region is preferred.

Duties include:

    • Manage, with the help of the Finance Committee, the EC’s review of and action related to the EC’s financial responsibilities.
    • Assure prompt payment of invoices and expenses.
    • Maintain current/accurate financial records in QuickBooks.
    • Work with the Operations Chair to develop and prepare a conference budget (subset of the corporation budget).
    • Develop and prepare annual corporation budget.
    • Present the annual budgets to the EC for approval.
    • Provide a conference financial summary of the conference within 60 days of each conference.
    • Work with the Finance Committee to ensure financial reports are made available to the EC on a timely basis as well as in advance of each EC meeting.
    • Lead Financial Training sessions for WUSS Finance Track leadership three times per year.
    • Work with an accountant on all WUSS tax matters ensuring that taxes are filed on time.
    • Schedule 3rd party audits of the organizations finances as directed by the EC.

To apply, submit:

    • A resume highlighting your relevant professional, user group experience and attendance. Please include any information pertaining to relevant treasurer/financial experience.
    • An explanation of why you will make a good EC member; what you will contribute to WUSS EC.
    • Your goals for WUSS.
    • Why you should be selected as Treasurer.

Submit application by COB December 18, 2023 to Richann Watson, WUSS EC President, The WUSS EC will evaluate submissions based on the above criteria and make a decision around January 10, 2024.

If you know of a qualified candidate, please share this position announcement with them and encourage them to apply.

If you’re considering applying for this position, we would love to chat with you by phone or teleconference at your convenience!  Please send an email to

Download a copy of the Treasurer position announcement. (PDF)