WUSS 2022 Hands-On Workshops

Hands-On Workshops are a unique presentation format which enhances learning through practical experience. Instructors will walk attendees through a series of in-class exercises using the techniques and tools being discussed.

Bring Your Own Device: Hands-On Workshops at WUSS 2022 will use a bring-your-own-device model. Please review the information below regarding what is required for each specific workshop. Some workshops require some pre-work to setup and configure the necessary tools.

No laptop? No problem! Attendees are welcome to attend Hands-On Workshop sessions and watch as the instructor works through the exercises on the screen. However, we request that you please be courteous and save table space for those that are working through the exercises on their devices.

Workshop-Specific Setup Instructions

Presenter(s) Workshop Title
(click for description)
Technology Requirements
Kirk Paul Lafler Macro Programming Essentials for New SAS Users This HOW will utilize SAS OnDemand for Academics (SODA) and SAS Studio.
Jayanth Iyengar Understanding Administrative Healthcare Data sets using SAS programming tools. This HOW is a “Bring Your Own SAS License” class. You will need a laptop and either have SAS 9.4 installed on it or configured to use SAS On-demand for Academics (SODA). SAS Enterprise Guide is also acceptable. The HOW data files will be stored on Google Drive. Before the workshop, please download the files from Google Drive and either save them on your hard drive or upload them to use with SODA. 
Isaiah Lankham
& Matthew Slaughter
Commit early, commit often! A gentle introduction to the joy of Git and GitHub This HOW will utilize GitHub and Google Colab in parallel. No knowledge of Git or GitHub will be assumed, and no software will need to be installed. In order to work through interactive examples, accounts will be needed for GitHub and Google. Complete setup steps, including how to setup and practice Git on a local machine after the workshop, are available here.
Zeke Torres SASJS the coolest SAS code tool since Proc Sort! TBA
Bill Coar ODS Document & Item Stores: A New Beginning This HOW will utilize SAS OnDemand for Academics (SODA). Your materials will also be on a thumb drive.
Joe Matise Simmering Data: Using Beautiful Soup and Python to scrape data from web pages This HOW will utilize Python with a couple of common packages.
Josh Horstman Map It Out: Using SG Attribute Maps for Precise Control of PROC SGPLOT Output This HOW will utilize SASHELP datasets. In order to work through this HOW please “Bring Your Own SAS License” and be prepared to access your own version of SAS.
Jane Eslinger Proc Report Step by Step with Styles This HOW is a “Bring Your Own SAS License” where you will access your own version of SAS. During this session, you will receive a GitHub address that contains everything you need.